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CPTM is one of the few independent firms featuring consultants that have experience in both municipal taxation as well as designations from industry recognized real estate appraisal organizations. Our experts are familiar with all property types including apartment buildings, cooperatives, hotels and resorts, industrial properties, research and development facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, and undeveloped land.

Real Estate Property Tax Appeals

Our experienced real estate team who specialize in working to reduce real estate taxes includes several fee appraisers, a municipal assessor, a financial analyst and a Member of the Appraisal Institute (MAI). The CPTM team works to lower property taxes by providing documentation to support fair and equitable property tax assessments.

The Appeals Process:

  • Review real estate tax assessments and compare them against our independent estimates of market value.
  • File necessary documentation to begin the abatement process and preserve the property owner’s right to appeal.
  • Develop and prepare analyses for negotiation with jurisdictions at the local level.
  • Negotiate with local authorities for a fair and equitable settlement.
  • File, prosecute and monitor appeals that do not settle at the local level.

Tax Bill and Portfolio Management

CPTM continually performs extensive research concerning the financial particulars of every property we represent. Specific property characteristics, assessment and valuation statistics, and taxing jurisdiction information are all carefully entered and monitored in our industry specific software database. Reports regarding this collection of property specific information are always available. Our team actively manages the tax bill process to ensure payments are made accurately and on time to the appropriate taxing jurisdiction.

Pre and Post Acquisition Due Diligence Reporting

Whether parting with or acquiring business assets, CPTM provides it clients with professional acquisition services designed to avoid unnecessary surprises. Our property tax specialists participate in many real estate-related transactions. Our proven due diligence process uncovers existing tax issues while anticipating future ones.

Land Use Change Tax

Land Use Change Tax (LUCT) is a penalty charged when land is removed from Current Use. Let the CPTM team of tax professionals manage the process of removing your land from Current Use. We will negotiate the actual LUCT assessed and appeal the tax when necessary. Our services can be implemented as a proactive measure to manage the entire process or as a reactive measure once actual construction begins, top soil or minerals are excavated or subdivision occurs which results in a parcel that no longer qualifies for LUCT.

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