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Personal Property Tax Compliance and Tax Minimization Programs

Filing annual personal property tax renditions is a requirement in 38 states. As each taxing jurisdiction has different filing requirements, renditions are often overstated and cost businesses thousands of dollars in overpaid property taxes. CPTM assists its clients by complying with the annual demand of taxing authorities for renditions and managing client fixed asset lists to minimize their tax burden, relieve potential tax liability increases and free up resources to focus on additional business priorities. Our tax consultants stay current with each state’s filing requirements and depreciation schedules.

Our team has experienced great success representing a diverse portfolio of national clients of all sizes in all business sectors. Commercial, industrial, manufacturing, retail, hospitality and health care properties represent a profile our current industry engagements.

In an effort to reduce your personal property taxes, CPTM offers customized tax minimization programs designed to meet your specific needs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leasehold Improvements (LHI)
  • Double Assessed Assets
  • Age/Life Issues
  • Zero Value Assets
  • Misclassified Assets
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Exemptions/Incentives – Freeports, FILOT's, IFT’s, etc.
  • Informal Value Negotiation
  • Appeals/Audit defense
  • Appeals – process and representation
  • Strategic Reviews
  • Fixed Asset Review Studies
  • Ghost Asset Studies


For companies currently or potentially under audit or facing escaped assessments with tax increases, CPTM provides audit management and will supply auditors with the appropriate requested information. CPTM’s goal is to keep client tax exposure to a minimum. We have a proven record of success in all personal property states.

Other services we provide:

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